On today's Internet, it's common to encounter what are known as spambots. These are automated programs set up by unscrupulous individuals in order to "spam" advertising onto sites where it is not welcome. Quite frequently this advertising is for sites that fraudulently misrepresent themselves, often with the goal of obtaining personal information with which to commit identity theft.

We at this site are interested in hearing from people who are specifically interested in talking with us. We are not interested in hearing from people who are sending out the same messages to everyone they can find, especially if those messages are off-topic and fraudulent. Not only does this waste our time, but we might miss some legitimate messages amidst the junk.

In order to prevent the kind of abuse described above, we've added questions that are designed to confuse automated spam scripts. We hope that to any live person reading the questions, the answers should be obvious. If that isn't the case, you can try hitting "Reload" to get another question, or email for help.

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