Your Vote Matters in ALL Elections!

Elections don't happen every 4 years. In fact, in Illinois, there is an election EVERY year! You have the opportunity to express your voice from the President down to your local School Board.

Here are upcoming election dates:


  • For the Election of Municipal, Park District, Library District, School District and Fire District officials


  • For the Nomination of Federal, State, and County Officials and for the election of Precinct Committeepersons



Tailored to York Township - YTDO Endorsed Candidates will be marked with (*) 
Updated as of 1/15/2021 - All Candidate Information Available 1/29/2021

The Following are 2021 York Township Democratic Candidates

York Township Supervisor

Melissa Gonzalez *

York Township Highway Commissioner 

Martin Dunne*

York Township Clerk

Andrela Hill *

York Township Trustee Candidates (4 separate races)

Ilse Messner *

Kathy Nash *

Tomas Novickas *

Beth Peluse *

The Following are 2021 School Board Candidates

(all positions are non-partisian, meaning no party is declared)

DuPage County Educational Service Region (Vote for not more than 3)

John Gardner Huff

Marilyn A. Menconi

Paula McGowen

Community Unit School District 201

Unexpired 2 Year Term (Vote for 1)

Judith Wilson

Adina Hoover

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Kevin Marren

Angela M. Steketee

Leah F. Conover

Jessica Radogno

Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 3)

Athena Arvanitis

Laurel Schrementi

Nicole (Nikki) Slowinski

T. Marie Gall

Kara Caforio

Leslie Stettin

Gordon Snyder

Jim Collins

Lombard Elementary School District 44

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

James Edward Robinette

Daniel Tiltges

Sarah Novey

Cary Benjamin Weisgram

David Pohlman

Courtney Simek

Lombard Elementary School District 45

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

West Conway Marinier

Emily Shultz

Judith C. Degnan 

Navreet Kaur Heneghan

John E. Naughton III

Kathryn Padberg

Allen Legutki

Kelli P. May 

Salt Creek School District 48

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

James Van De Velde

John Downer 

Stacy K. Rattana

Raymond C. J. Kelminski

Butler School District 53

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Kavitha V. Neerukonda

Sahar Ahmad

Craig Donnelly

Downers Grove Grade School District 58

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Darren Hughes

Melissa Bocker Ellis

Gregory Harris

Tracy Weiner

Community Consolidated School District 89

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Steven Neurauter

Lavanya Sridhar

Haydee Nunez

James Lerch

Katie Benning

Donna Kemp

Hinsdale Township High School District 86

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Mark Pinnow

Tamakia J. Edwards

Karen L. Shannon

Peggy James

Terri Walker

Jeff Wather

Debra Levinthal

Kevin P. Camden

Marty Turek

Justin P. Baron

Glenbard Township High School District 87

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Judith Weinstock

Kermit Eby

Jennifer M. Jendras

Robert (Bob) Friend

Cyndi Covelli

Nicole Dawson 

David C. Dejanovich

Mireya Vera

DuPage High School District 88

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 3)

Christine Poirier

Andrew Edmier

Al Manzo

Diana Stout

Jean Taylor

Bianca Jessen

Tina Haralambopoulos

Community High School District 99

Full 4 Year Term (Vote for 4)

Jennifer Hagstrom 

Teresa K. Pavesich 

Christopher Espinoza

Sherell Fuller


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