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Hear from Azam Nizamuddin, Candidate for 18th Circuit Court Judge (O'Shea Vacancy)

Azam Nizamuddin is one of the most qualified candidates for DuPage Circuit Court Judge. He believes that judges should be independent and impartial to all citizens regardless of their background, economic or political power in order to impart justice. Additionally, we need judges to have integrity and ethics in order maintain the public trust.

As a lawyer practicing for 20 years and having worked as a law clerk for two Circuit Court judges, and having practiced at a large law firm, a small law firm, my own law firm, and having worked as General Counsel for a company, Azam is one of the most well-rounded and experienced candidates for judge in DuPage County.

Azam has been recommended by the DuPage County Bar Association for the bench. In addition, Azam is the only candidate in his race that has taught CLE courses for lawyers and judges with Cook County Circuit Court Domestic Relations and the DuPage County Bar Association. He has been an adjunct professor at Loyola University of Chicago and Elmhurst College.

He has won awards from the Chicago Bar Association and the DuPage County Bar Association for his services to the legal community.

Learn more about Azam's campaign here:

Here are some answers to a questionnaire provided by York Township Democratic Organization:

1. Racial Injustice and systems of oppression have been on the front burner of American society recently, instigated by mass protests and demonstrations calling for racial equality in many systems that have historically and currently kept Black Americans down. If elected, what is a change or some changes that you would make in order to shrink the many disparities that have plagued black communities for generations?

As a judicial candidate, I cannot speak to any particular issues that may come before the bench. Additionally, judges do not participate in legislation or governmental policies. However, I think a more diverse judicial bench, as well as a more diverse State's Attorney's Office and law enforcement, are vital to ensuring there are fewer racial disparities and more fairness toward members of the African American community.

2. What motivated you to run for this position?

With my 20 plus years of legal experience in a variety of areas including litigation, corporate, and teaching the law to attorneys and judges, I believe I would be an excellent addition to the bench in DuPage County. Additionally, with my 25 years of civic leadership, working with a variety of ethnic, racial, faith, and other communities, I would be representing all the people of DuPage County. Finally, I strongly believe in justice and fairness and will treat everyone who comes before me with respect.

3. What are some benefits that we would come to expect by having you in your respective position over your opponent?

First, I have practiced a variety of areas of the law including practicing business and commercial litigation at a large law firm to representing clients involved in both state and federal criminal matters, as opposed to one main area of the law. Second, I have been a professor for two universities and have been providing Continuing Legal Education courses to attorneys and judges for many years. Third, I believe a judge should represent all the different communities of DuPage County and not leave anyone behind. I have worked with many different communities and I believe I have more experience and empathy in dealing with a variety of people who would appear before me regardless of sex, socio-economic background, race, color, ethnicity, or religion.

4. What is your take on the BLM movement? The changes that they are proposing (Defunding/Abolishing police, Other Police Reform)?

As a judicial candidate, I cannot speak to any particular issues that may come before the bench. Additionally, judges do not participate in legislation or governmental policies. I believe that the BLM movement has brought into focus the injustices that continue to plague our legal and criminal justice system is it relates to people of color, which is important. Any time there are problems or issues with any government agencies, improvements, reform and constructive change should be considered. In particular, any law enforcement reform should not only include public safety but also must aim to achieve justice and fairness for all the residents of DuPage County.

5. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal to discriminate against employees or candidates based off of sexual orientation, which serves as a landmark case towards the fight for equality, acceptance, and protection of LGBTQ+ rights. In light of this wonderful verdict, what are some ways that you wish to bolster the health and prosperity of our LGBTQ+ communities and residents?

The recent SCOTUS decision in Bostock v. Clayton County allows LGBTQ+ plaintiffs, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to bring claims for employment-based discrimination. This was an important step to make sure that employers do not discriminate against someone based on his or her LGBTQ+ status. I think it's important for the legal community to respect this decision and to make sure that people of LGBTQ+ status are respected and treated fairly and justly under the law. As a judicial candidate, I cannot propose any legislation or discuss other areas of potential litigation that may appear before the courts.

6. Climate change is the most pressing issue facing our world as a whole. What in your capacity will you do to make DuPage County a greener place?

I believe a protected environment is vital to our global and local future existence and current welfare.  I will do whatever I can as a resident of DuPage County to make it a greener place. Again, I cannot comment on any proposed legislation or issues that may come before the bench. 


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