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Hear from Jennifer Zordani, Candidate for Illinois State Representative, District 47.

Jennifer Zordani lives in Clarendon Hills. She was born in Oak Lawn and raised in Burr Ridge, attending Gower Junior High in Burr Ridge and Benet Academy in Lisle for high school.    

Jennifer attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. for two years, before transferring to the University of Chicago where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. She also attended Chicago-Kent College of Law, graduating with honors. She has been a practicing regulatory attorney for more than 20 years, and as a lawyer she solves problems and finds solutions.

Jennifer believes in being an accessible and hard-working leader. As Illinois State Representative for District 47, she will attend community meetings, be available regularly to meet her neighbors throughout the district and hold events designed to inform and assist residents. She’s committed to addressing the issues that affect our towns and all of Illinois. Jennifer is running for all of us who love Illinois!

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Here are Jennifer's answers to a questionnaire provided by YTDO:

Towns in my District: All of Elmhurst, Oakbrook, Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills and parts of Western Springs, Westmont, Downers Grove and Oakbrook Terrace.

1. Racial Injustice and systems of oppression have been on the front burner of American society recently, instigated by mass protests and demonstrations calling for racial equality in many systems that have historically and currently kept Black Americans down. If elected, what is a change or some changes that you would make in order to shrink the many disparities that have plagued black communities for generations?

I stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, the fight for racial equality and the need to reinvent law enforcement in America to prevent police brutality and mis-allocations of resources. The issues are real, minorities are subject to racist and brutal actions at the hands of certain bad officers and one bad officer infiltrating law enforcement is one too many. I support our law enforcement officers and the goal of effective community policing to keep them and residents safe. We need to restore trust on many levels.

Support Reforms to Policing and Law Enforcement

- Though nowhere is immune from these issues, I recognize other areas may be more affected by policing issues than we see in our district. Therefore, I will work with colleagues in the legislature whose districts are more heavily affected, such as by police presence in the schools, and take into account the differences in districts and input from people who have first-hand experience.

-I will evaluate the legislation designed to reform policing in Illinois, such as the licensing proposal put forth by Kwame Raoul.

-I will continue to support our union workers but ask for changes and input from our police unions on disciplinary and accountability issues.

As we evaluate resources dedicated to policing, I will look at the multiple police forces employed by state agencies.

Support Gun Reform

-I have earned the GunSense Candidate Distinction from Moms Demand Action and I will work to support gun reform for responsible and safe gun ownership in Illinois (in addition to always making clear to our federal elected officials that they should take action to reform federal gun laws).

-I will support and pass the BIO (block illegal ownership) Bill which will require additional background checks, require stronger application procedures for a FOID card and require the State Police to remove guns when the FOID card is revoked.

-I will support funding for intervention and gun violence reduction programs.

-I will work with our residents so they are aware when school board candidates and officials take positions that favor guns in schools so that they can lobby against guns in schools. I do not support arming teachers.

Maintain the momentum

-I will continue to highlight the efforts taken and the work left to be done to achieve equality. As time passes, momentum slows and it will be important to keep these issues and the progress being made on peoples' minds. For example, I will look for input and events to conduct in tandem with the Dupage NAACP.

2. What motivated you to run for this position?

I supported Jim Caffrey and was disappointed he did not win. When he did not run again and some folks asked me to run, I said yes.

3. What are some benefits that we would come to expect by having you in your respective position over your opponent?

Some of the areas where my opponent and I differ are the following.

-My opponent questioned whether clean energy brings jobs to Illinois. I will support the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA).

-My opponent has not supported laws that lower healthcare costs and suggests any step is fruitless because the problems in healthcare are intractable. She represents pharmaceutical companies in her law practice. She did not vote in favor of the insulin price cap. I will fight to lower prescription drug prices for Illinois residents.

-My opponent has not supported the BIO bill (discussed above in 1). I will.

-My opponent has a spotty attendance record in Springfield. I will be in Springfield for legislative sessions and be responsive and accountable to our residents.

-My opponent has been largely silent on equality issues. With respect to police brutality and the issues raised by the BLM movement, her silence may indicate she thinks there is some choice between support for our law enforcement officers and support for racial equality whereas I believe they are not exclusive.

I will work hard to continue promoting business in our district, most of which is in Dupage, and help support businesses of all sizes in our region. This includes balancing our state budget and making tough choices on budget priorities so that Illinois can gain the confidence of business owners who bring good paying jobs to our area.

4. What is your take on the BLM movement? The changes that they are proposing (Defunding/Abolishing police, Other Police Reform)?

See question 1 above.

5. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal to discriminate against employees or candidates based off of sexual orientation, which serves as a landmark case towards the fight for equality, acceptance, and protection of LGBTQ+ rights. In light of this wonderful verdict, what are some ways that you wish to bolster the health and prosperity of our LGBTQ+ communities and residents?

While Illinois had already passed laws to prohibit workplace discrimination against members of the LGBTQ+ community, the Supreme Court decision is excellent for America. While Illinois' laws may be better than other states on many civil rights and equality issues, I will consider how our legislation helps improve education, socioeconomic and health outcomes for communities that historically have been disenfranchised. This includes the LGBTQ community.

6. Climate change is the most pressing issue facing our world as a whole. What in your capacity will you do to make DuPage County a greener place?

There are many actions that are important to reversing climate change and the need for action is urgent.

  • I support and will work to pass CEJA - which helps transition our state away from fossil fuels and provide jobs.

  • I will provide funding and oversight for an invigorated Illinois EPA which will help provide environmental safety for our communities and fill gaps left at the federal level.

  • I will work with local governments, such as county and municipal, to improve clean energy adoption by government, residents and business, including EV access and solar adoption.


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