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Hear from Paula Deacon Garcia, Candidate for DuPage County Board, District 2

I am running to be your voice. I hear your frustrations as you feel your concerns are not being addressed. I hear you when you are frustrated at the misuse of your tax money. I hear your worries about living paycheck to paycheck. I hear you say the county needs to prioritize fair elections, protection for all people's rights, and search for new jobs that will benefit the area. These are things worth fighting for and I have experience leading, mediating, and 20+ years of solving resident's problems. I hear you and want to be your voice on the DuPage County Board.

I am running not as an individual voice, but as a spokesperson for the many diverse and unique voices that make up our great community.

That's why I want to help build a better DuPage. #BuildABetterDuPage

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Here are Paula's answers to a YTDO questionnaire:

1. Racial Injustice and systems of oppression have been on the front burner of American society recently, instigated by mass protests and demonstrations calling for racial equality in many systems that have historically and currently kept Black Americans down. If elected, what is a change or some changes that you would make in order to shrink the many disparities that have plagued black communities for generations?

As a Dupage County Board Member, one of the responsibilities is to approve the Sheriff's budget. I believe that changes need to be made in training, procedures, hiring practices. The board should also continue to focus on learning to advocate for black citizens - we need to learn from the unequal treatment they have experienced and make changes to eliminate it. No citizen of the County and really anywhere should be treated unequally and provided with unequal opportunities.

2. What motivated you to run for this position?

I was concerned about the lack of progress in planning for the problems associated with climate change. I then looked at the flooding issues my village was having and found out that the storm water issues are prevalent throughout the County and I decided that I could use my knowledge and experience to help plan to make changes.

3. What are some benefits that we would come to expect by having you in your respective position over your opponent?

One benefit is that I will read materials, ask questions and voice my opinion. I have been attending County Board meetings since last August and I have rarely heard my opponent say anything in the meetings. He seems to just follow the pack and Chairman. I will vote based on facts and what is best for the County.

4. What is your take on the BLM movement? The changes that they are proposing (Defunding/Abolishing police, Other Police Reform)?

Everyday I learn more and more about black history. I am amazed at how white washed the history lessons were to both myself and my children. It is horrendous all the black lives that have been taken away due to horrific actions by bad police officers. I for one do struggle with the word "defund" as I know and work with good men and women who do their jobs as police officers well and care about the citizens in their towns. I do feel there needs to be a reorganization and restructuring of both the funds and types of people working in police stations. I want to see counselors, social workers, mental health advisors, etc. These are the people trained correctly to handle some calls - not police officers who are not trained in these fields. I also think the training of police officers has to scale back on the military tactics and equipment. There may be citizens in trouble, but not at war.

5. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that it was illegal to discriminate against employees or candidates based off of sexual orientation, which serves as a landmark case towards the fight for equality, acceptance, and protection of LGBTQ+ rights. In light of this wonderful verdict, what are some ways that you wish to bolster the health and prosperity of our LGBTQ+ communities and residents?

I have always been in the group that just does not understand why it matters who one loves. Saying that, I am aware that many people still have a hard time accepting people that do not fit the beliefs they have. I feel that we need more in leadership roles that are from the LGBTQ+ community. I am hoping to encourage members of the community to get on advisory boards at the County level. We need their voices heard. I will be encouraging and promoting all opportunities to serve this community.

6. Climate change is the most pressing issue facing our world as a whole. What in your capacity will you do to make DuPage County a greener place?

As this is the main reason I was interested in running, I think a big thing would be to get CEJA (Clean Energy Jobs Act) passed in Springfield. I believe DuPage County has to be a very vocal supporter of making the changes that may be difficult but are needed. I also think we need to work with the businesses that want to come into DuPage and make green choices be a part of their plan to build. Working with the DuPage County Forest Preserve to maintain or add green space - which is needed with stormwater issues is a must.


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